PLEASE NOTE – The Batting Cage is only available for booking to Members of Western Districts Baseball Club and not available for individual private hiring.

To book the batting cage – complete the following steps

  1. Complete the booking form below
  2. Send a text message to 0413 228 555 requesting a Temporary Code to access the keys to open the batting cage. Please advise an approximate time you wish to commence your use of the batting cage. The keys are located in the lockbox on the wall of the clubrooms opposite the batting cage.
  3. Enter the temporary code into the lockbox and open – leave the lockbox open while you use the keys. Use the keys to unlock the batting cage padlock and the clubrooms storage area padlock. Once you have opened the two padlocks, replace the keys in the lockbox and shut the lockbox.
  4. You may use the balls in the storage area and the pitching machine. Please ensure all items are returned to the same position you got them from when finished.
  5. When hitting, always hit towards the clubrooms. This ensures the batted balls do not hit the wall mounted fans which breaks the fan blades.
  6. When you have finished your time in the batting cage, return all equipment, close the gate and lock the padlock for both the batting cage and storage area.

For Group bookings enquiries – please email the Club Secretary at 

Batting Cage Bookings

All members who wish to use the Batting Cage will be required to book Lane #1 or Lane #2 using the following booking system.